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Introducing our innovative Reusable Swim Nappy - the perfect solution for stress-free and eco-conscious water adventures with your little one.

Experience worry-free water play and make an eco-conscious choice with our Reusable Swim Nappy.

Made from recycled polyester created from salvaged ocean bound plastic, our swim nappies are multi size, meaning they will grow with your child! Snaps on the side and in the groin, allow the swim nappy to be customised in fit. The snaps on the side, also mean easy changing and removal.

Feature single leg gusseting around the thighs and tummy, our swim nappies provide just enough seal to contain solids, without worrying about the swim nappy collecting too much water and weighing bub down. The tummy band is wide and comfortable against your child’s skin.

Swim Nappies are chlorine and salt water friendly.

Designed for weights 15kg+.

Need Smaller? Head to our  toddler reusable swim nappies for bubs 5-14kg


Designed to contain any surprises that may try to escape during water play!

Easy to wash and super quick drying! You can wash soiled swim nappies with your household laundry or cloth nappies.

The BEST part, no need to throw away your wet swim nappy after your little one’s lesson or beach venture!

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