Reusable Cloth Wipes | 15 Pack

Sale price$35.00 AUD

Introducing our Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - Designed to enhance every diaper change and cleaning routine, these cloth wipes offer an eco-friendly alternative that's as kind to your baby as it is to the environment.

These wipes are a versatile addition to your parenting toolkit. Use them for diaper changes, cleaning hands and face, wiping up spills, and even during bath time. Their functionality knows no bounds.

Each wipes set includes 15 Cloth Wipes.

Our cloth wipes feature high quality and super soft, bamboo-velour, making these an ideal solution for sensitive bottoms.

Our wipes are durable, reusable and machine washable, making them a cost effective investment and alternative to buying disposable wipes.

Wipes can be prewet before using, via storing damp everyday of use, fresh and ready for the day’s nappy changes. Or, simply rinse a dry wipe under the tap prior to nappy changes.

When looking for ways to store the wipes when out-and-about, or for daycare and travel, head to our Reusable Wet Bags to select a water-resistant storage solution.

Dimensions of each wipe are generous, at 20cm x 20cm.


Reusable wipes are among the top three must-haves when prepping for a baby, alongside cloth nappies & wet bags!

They’re seriously the gift that keeps on giving - saving your household budget hundreds over the course of your parenting years, as well as keeping excess waste out of landfill or waterways!

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