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Experience the comfort and sustainability of our Reusable Nursing Pads. Created to support your breastfeeding experience, these pads offer a reliable solution to nursing-related leaks while minimizing your environmental impact.

Our breast pads offer a reusable alternative for containing pre and postpartum leakages of fluids and milk. They act as a soft pad to assist in soothing sore and cracked nipples, and work well with nipple balm.

Each pad is made with post-consumer recycled polyester that creates a wonderful water-resistant barrier between clothing, so as to avoid any leakage being visible through clothing. The absorption is due to each pad featuring three layers of soft, bamboo-cotton fleece.

Included in the set is a reusable mesh wash bag; perfect for separating reusable nursing pads within a load of laundry.

For storage when out-and-about, our water-resistant wet bags are ideal for your breast pads.

Each breast pad set includes:
3  pairs of washable breast pads
1  mesh wash bag

MEASUREMENTS: 13.5cm diameter


Using reusable breast pads, can potentially save upwards of 1000 disposable pads used per child, based on the average mother requiring 8 changes a day for 3 months!

Our reusable breast-pads are an essential accessory for any mother and given their organic cotton lining, they are wonderfully soft.

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