Nappy Insert Kit Bamboo | 10 Pack

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Introducing our Reusable Nappy Inserts - the innovative solution designed to keep nappy changes as convenient as possible.

Our Snap-in-snap-out, insert system, is simple! Soiled inserts snapped off the cover, and clean inserts snapped in.

No fiddly pockets to stuff, and no further padding to snap together. Our absorption options are designed with ease in mind too! Should you like to add absorption, check out our Boosting Kits for more information.

Our newborn inserts, are well suited to newborns, ensuring there isn’t too much bulk around their body in those early stages when they are so little. 

Designed for weights 1kg – 6kg, our newborn nappies are also well suited to premature babies. 

Our inserts feature a winder end, and a slim end – providing caregiver’s the option to customise the fit depending on where the child needs the extra absorption most.

Each Kit includes:

    • 10 x 5-Layer Newborn Nappy Inserts – Bamboo, Cotton Fleece with Stay-Dry Lining. (OEKO-Tex Certified)

Our new 2.0 Nappy inserts, now feature 5-layers of absorbent fabric, including Bamboo-cotton fleece and a top layer of Microfleece. Our Microfleece lining, wicks moisture away from baby's bottom, keeping them feeling dry and comfortable for longer.

Our cloth nappy inserts are perfect for use inside both the Soft and Flexi, Bare and Boho Covers.

Each insert features elasticated gusseting around the inner thigh, which cups the groin and provides maximum protection.

 Each insert features an inbuilt top lining of stay-dry, stay-soft material, that is designed to wick moisture away and keep the bottom feeling soft between nappy changes.

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