Ethical Production

Bare and Boho are committed to ethical manufacturing, sustainability and improving standards around the world for apparel and textile production to ensure safe, clean, honest and reliable conditions.

We work with numerous manufacturing facilities in China and Australia to produce our goods, and have personally visited some of the facilities and will ensure we continue to visit the new facilities as we grow.

As a business that focuses on providing a sustainable alternative to using disposables, we continuously aspire to find innovative solutions to help reduce our environmental footprint in all areas of production.

We are proud members of the Global Ethical Supplier Platform “Sedex” which is a paid membership platform engaging global companies choosing to undergo annual ethical auditing at their facilities by certified auditing companies.

Sedex performs audits at all levels of our supply chain. In their audits, they will evaluate factors such as fair wages, labour conditions, reasonable hours and a safe working environment.

As part of our commitment to ethical textile production and transparency, we will continue to finance third party auditors like SEDEX which will allow us to confidently assure our customers and retailers that we are serious about continual improvement within our facilities and production teams.

Bare and Boho are proudly using OEKO-TEX* and GOTS certified fabrics in our product range, as well as yarn certified via the Global Recycling Standard. Heavy metal testing is undertaken along with other fibre technical testings. We will continue to ensure only premium weave and digitally designed fabrics are utilised. Read more about our fabrics here.