Wet Bags

Designed to replace a typical plastic bag to store wet and soiled items for your little ones, these are super handy and convenient water-resistant storage bags for use with cloth nappies, swimming gear or general purpose travel!

Our wet-bags are made with water-resistant PUL and feature stunning artist prints.

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Change Mats

Change mats are considered essential for any parent wishing to change their baby at home or outside, on a clean surface. Our quilted mats provide a super soft mat landing for your little one to lie upon. Perfect for laying baby down upon in your pram, on hard surfaces, for tummy time or for nappy changes in any setting.

Easily rolled up to fit within nappy bag; featuring a handy strap to enclose the mat when rolled up.

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Cloth Wipes

Reusable wipes are among the top three must-haves when prepping for a baby, alongside cloth nappies & wet bags!

They’re seriously the gift that keeps on giving - saving your household budget hundreds over the course of your parenting years, as well as keeping excess waste out of landfill or waterways!

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