From Ocean Plastic to Protective Swimwear!

Sun-Safe Protective Swimwear
After years of stocking our reusable swim nappies – and selling out every launch - we finally decided to jump in the deep end, and launch protective swimwear to match.
Designing swimwear to cater to varied clothing sizes, was certainly a challenge at the beginning of that design journey. As a brand that designs mostly one size products, or at least clothing pieces designed to be worn through multiple growth stages – this was our first time delving into specific clothing sizes. But the hard work was worth it.
The result was a large range of customisable swim sets, to cater to varied preferences for sun protection.
Our range includes two options for the body – including a full sleeved Onesie, or a full sleeved rash guard. 
Protective Rashie - Scallops Protective Onesie - Pastel Fronds

Protective Swim Rashie in Scallops Print (left) |  Protective Swim Onesie in Pastel Fronds Print (right)

Both options can then be paired with a hat! Of which we wanted to ensure that we catered to preferences here as well, including a Full brimmed bucket hat or a Legionnaire’s flap hat.

Both hats are designed to be worn in water, so the set of body and hat, is the idea companion for any beach goer or swimming lesson participant.

What was a challenge for me personally, raising boys who are both huge water babies, was finding suitable swimwear when they were little. Having a onesie that was able to removed easily – as well as ensure nappy changing during water play and swimming, was easy - was a challenge with most swimwear on the market.

I designed an easy solution, which was to have the same chlorine and salt water friendly snaps we use on our swim nappies, to be placed in the groin of the onesie. This allows the swim onesie to be opened super easily to change a nappy. Even if the entire swimsuit is wet. There is no need to try and drag off baby, a wet sticky onesie, but instead having this opening in the groin was a game changer! And continually seems to be a big bonus for parents.

Sourcing the fabrics for our swimwear, was part of the challenge! We needed quality, high sun protection for our Aussie summers, sustainable and chlorine and salt water friendly. We needed to ensure the fabric would be suitable for delicate newborn skin, right up to rowdy toddlers! Soft, yet strong, robust and durable, is what we needed for our community. 

It was also really important to us, to manufacture the swimwear sustainably and ethically. So like all of our manufacturing facilities, ensuring our producers were part of the Sedex platform for ethical manufacturing was key.

Working with our chosen manufacturing team for the swimwear specifically, we sourced a wonderful material known as “Repreve”. This is a fibre, that is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Bottles, which were sourced from ocean scavenging! Just an incredible technology, that recycles the plastic bottles by processing them in to chips, which is processed in to the fibre. Just wow!

Bare and Boho - Protective Swimwear

We collaborate with well known artists all around the world for all the designs across our brand, and our swimwear are no different. Designed in collaboration with Sunshine Coast artist, Cass Deller, these four designs are perfect for any water baby!

Check our the ranging HERE – including available sizes.

Much love, Jordan – Founder xx

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