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Artist Print: Blush Shapes

Introducing our Reusable Wet Bags - the ultimate solution for keeping messes contained and items organized while on the go. Crafted from high-quality waterproof materials, our wet bags are designed to withstand leaks and spills. Feel confident in using them to transport damp or messy items without worrying about leaks.

The medium wetbag is suitable for a couple of nappy changes and can store between 3-6 nappy changes, depending on whether you are packing pre-stuffed cloth nappies, or simply 1-2 nappy covers and 3-6 inserts and wipes.

Our wet bags feature recycled post-consumer polyester - salvaged from ocean found plastic – which creates an ideal water resistant storage bag for your reusable items. Each bag features double layered water resistant film. 

Including in the features of the wet bag, is a high-quality zipper that is both chlorine and saltwater friendly. Each bag has a handy wrist strap that can be unsnapped to hang bag on pram or changing table.

We recommend a mix of our water-resistant bags in different sizes, as this allows you to store various items – and helps keep your reusables organised. We offer a large wet bag and a nappy travel pod so you can mix it up!


Designed to replace a typical plastic bag to store wet and soiled items for your little ones, these are super handy and convenient water-resistant storage bags for use with cloth nappies, swimming gear or general purpose travel!

Our wet-bags are made with water-resistant PUL and feature stunning artist prints.

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