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Artist Print: Apricot

Introducing our Soft Cover Reusable Cloth Nappy Set - the eco-friendly and convenient choice for modern parents who prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality and comfort.

Our Soft Cover Nappy 2.0, is our comfort range, designed with providing a luxe feel for baby. Featuring soft lining, that is a wonderful alternative to our Flexi Nappy 2.0 that is designed moreso with efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind.

Each One Size Starter Stash includes;

  • 6x Soft Nappy Cover *New and Improved!
  • 16x 4-Layer Bamboo Insert PLUS inbuilt Stay-Dry lining *Now thicker for extra absorption!
  • 9x 4-Layer Bamboo Booster PLUS inbuilt Stay-Dry lining
  • 2x Reusable Trifolds
  • 10x Microfleece Liners

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our Soft Cover Nappy Set offers an unparalleled blend of functionality, style, and environmental responsibility. Every nappy features artwork, designed by renowned artists.


Designed for weights 4 - 18kg.

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